Dr. Adam Nielsen from Berlin

I did my PhD in math. I was working in the field of medical drug design and published a bunch of scientific papers like The Monte Carlo errors, Markov state models and molecular alchemy and Computing the nearest reversible Markov chain.
I finished as best in class and received a scholarship from Berlin Mathematical School.

I am currently working at Datagroups on a spam detection tool called Expurgate. My current stack at the company is Go, Python, Docker and Kubernetes.

My side-project is a coaching website which currently has over 10.000 active users. The website is build with Laravel/Vue/Tailwind. I maintain this page now over 20 years.

On StackOverflow, I have reached almost 28k points with my profile. I have reached over 9 million people on the platform.

In my free time, I try to develop my skills in character design. Throw any book about character design in my direction and I probably feel the need to buy it.

My sister Lilli has an amazing retail store in the hip center of Berlin. Check it out at Pony Hütchen.